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Friday, June 06, 2008

My growing boys

Louie has found two things: his feet and reverse. His new favorite thing to gum is his right foot, to the point of preferring it occasionally to rice cereal. When the cereal is mixed with apples, however, he changes his mind.
And he's not quiet crawling yet, not getting his belly off the floor, but he can combat crawl backwards. It's troubling enough that we have had to lecture the others about the dangers of LEGO and Polly Pocket. At least he's starting slowly, I guess. He'll find "drive" soon enough.

As to the other boy, he's reading. It's taken a bit, and less tears than Madeleine, but he's there. Teaching reading in my mind is like riding a roller coaster. That first hill seems so big and so ominous, going up is so jerky and there's the impulse to holler Stop! I want to get off! It seems like it will never end, never get any easier.
Then the first car goes over the top. The view is spectacular and scary at the same time and you hold your breath.
The second car goes over the top and the momentum has swung--it pulls the whole rest of the train so fast, up and down and around the loops and you're screaming in fun the whole rest of the ride.
His roller coaster train has had the second car over the top. He's exhiliarated.



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