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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life with Louie

I was really proud of myself this morning. I found a red top with white, black, and khaki flowers embroidered on it and my black twill shorts. I actually matched. Even though it's Saturday, I still looked put together. Since I'm going to a concert this evening, it seemed like a good idea.


Louie's started real food--meaning the fish-flake like "cereal" for babies. Lunch today was a couple tablespoons of oatmeal mixed with milk and some scraped banana (jarred banana is beyond gross; the real thing is much better and too easy to pass up).
He declined to use the bib for wiping his face, preferring my shirt. He also used his spoon to assist in smearing cereal on me in random places. (Yes, at meals we each get our own spoon.)
I thought I could handle that, but then Wyatt "Urp" showed up. His post-nap nursing break resulted in a rather voluminous amount of spit-up all over the black shorts.

Sigh. I lay him on the floor to prevent further wardrobe assaults and he spits up again, this time managing to roll his back into it before I get to him. Finally, it's not on my clothes.
I don't know if that counts as payback, since I'm the one doing the laundry. Looks like I'll be changing clothes before confession this afternoon.

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At 12:26 PM, Blogger Amy said...

(jarred banana is beyond gross; the real thing is much better and too easy to pass up).

Oh, man. I loooooove banana baby food! I had gastroenteritis about two weeks before CJ was born, it was about the only thing I could bear to eat!


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