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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Returning to "normal"

Meaning I'm adjusting to this new level of chaos, I suppose.

I'm not fazed anymore by wading through My Little Pony, a plastic castle and its itinerant equipment, Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie, and an aircraft carrier (with fifteen die-cast planes! WHEE!) in order to get the mail. The wrapping went out in last week's trash--except for the gift bags; even Santa recycles those--and this week the last of the packaging will go out.
This weekend will bring Epiphany and the packing up of our Christmas decorations. It's nice to have the Christmas season after the day itself as a gradual come-down. It's given me a chance to listen to the Toby Keith Christmas CDs I got. We'll be able to move the toy box back to its original position when the tree is taken apart and put away and maybe we'll develop storage for all of the toys.

Daddy returns to work for real tomorrow; his first day since before the birth. I'm feeling grateful that it's a short week for him. Before bed, I'm going to get one last load of laundry done to be prepared for his absence. Heaven only knows what chores will get done tomorrow.

I do have some resolutions for the new year/new month, but I'll post on those... I almost typed "tomorrow." Ha, ha! Someday. How's that for more honest?


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