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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Two days." *click*

Who remembers those Highland appliance commercials?

That's where we are. I am so relieved I don't quite know where to begin.

The relief stems from two things: the obvious one, where I know it won't be any longer than tomorrow, and secondly, I can spend today exerting all the energy I need to in order to get ready.
You see, I was informed by my beloved husband on Saturday morning that he needed to be out of town this week. Overnight. Before Louis' arrival. Yes, I realize it's easier to care for a baby in utero than in arm, but to use a football analogy, we're in the "red zone." I was a little tense that Louis would choose the day Daddy is two or three hours away to be born.
I managed to come down from the clock tower by Sunday evening, but for about 30 hours I was wound a little tight. (When the purchase of the "wrong" corn bread mix sends you into tears, you're wound a little tight. And as most women can attest, knowing why you're crying and being able to stop are two completely different things.)
True relief came yesterday at dinner when Daddy told me that his appointment for today got moved to next week. I had been preparing myself for two days of lying on my left side and making sure the kids didn't harm each other. Now, with Daddy his usual distance, I can complete the laundry, floor sweeping and vacuuming, and emergency tidying up. If I go into labor, whee! And if I don't, I have only one day to wait. Hooray!

God bless and light posting until the birth. I've got chores to do!



At 12:19 PM, Blogger Melanie B said...

" knowing why you're crying and being able to stop are two completely different things"

Oh yeah. Drat those pregnancy hormones!

Glad to hear a burden has been lifted. We're praying for a safe and easy delivery.


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