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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter storm warning! or Where are their boots?

The first real snowfall is approaching. I know the kids have winter coats, hats, and gloves or mittens. I'm not too worried about snow pants but I had a concern about boots.
Where are they? What size are they? I pondered this. I reasoned we probably needed a new pair for Madeleine, probably not for Rachel given hand-me-downs. The Boy was the wild card; did we have some from a cousin? If we needed to buy a pair or two, when and where would we find the time before the snow hit? It's the middle of December, after all. I'm sure some stores already have out bathing suits.
With the knowledge of the weather careening toward us, Boot Quest 2007 became a priority. This morning I woke up to Daddy preparing breakfast and telling them about playing in the coming snow.
I went to the front closet and just started pulling out boots. Pink Dora, pink without Dora, black and red, blue, fire truck...
"Daddy, when you get a minute away from breakfast, could you pair those up?" The kids came over to see what Mama and Daddy were doing.

Then a miracle occurred. All three of them found an appropriate pair that fit.

First was Dale. "These fit really comfy, Mom." He proceeded to stomp around in the black and red ones.
"Look, Mama!" Rachel cried, lurching around in the largest Doras.
"Rach, those might fit Madeleine. Why don't you try those plain dark pink ones?" Maddie gently took the too-large ones and slipped them on.
"Mama, I need help with this one." That was Rachel. But it fit. They all, with my encouragement, went stomping through the hallway to tell Daddy they all had boots.

I think our front closet is magic.



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