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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On another note...

Since Rachel is being... vague about what Santa should bring her, we're floating all kinds of ideas past her. Big Sister Madeleine has the Holly Hobbies; Dale has... well... everything boy (bugs, rocks, trucks, space, Hot Wheels, race cars)... Rachel has zilch, really, that's her own interest.

She likes pink. I've noticed a preponderance of pink in the My Little Pony stuff, so I started browsing online.

I think I might need something for the sugar shock. I'm feeling queasy.


At 11:05 AM, Blogger cheyan said...

When I was very small - three or four, I want to say - my parents took me to see Santa in the mall. (I have no memory of how this goes, this is from hearing the story from my parents.)

At any rate, we went to lunch, we got in line, and Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

"An apple, a banana, and an orange!" I proclaimed. I can kind of understand having done that, as I had enough toys at the time and watching the toy commercials on TV was exciting enough without actually getting anything from those commercials. (Until I was nine or so, except for cartoons, I would go into the room to watch commercials with my parents and then I would promptly leave once the program started again, so I can completely understand my younger self's mindset here.)

He gave my parents a really horrified look, and my mom could just tell he was thinking, "You don't ever let this little girl have fresh fruit?" I'm sure it didn't help that I was then (and am now) very light for my height.

I have gotten an apple, a banana, and an orange every year for Christmas since then. I don't have any idea what I got that year, but I'm sure I liked it too...

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

Kasandra saw Santa on Sunday (work Christmas party), and answered the "what do you want?" question with a cheerful, "A Christmas Tree!" I turned red, and assured her we'd put it up soon. Kids say the darnedest things...


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