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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring has sprung.

Ever have one of those days where you actually get most, if not all, of your chores done? And the kids avoid fighting all day and none have a tantrum? And the baby does not have a blowout in his diaper? And your husband gets home on time and later goes out to get you an ice cream sandwich and brings home two gallons of milk? And the weather complies to get everyone outside? And later the baby is willing to sleep in his crib for hours while you finish those last-minute things like blogging?

Yeah, they really happen. We had one today.

I hung my first (and second) load of clothes on the line today. The kids played outside while I did, mostly; Lou supervised me quite merrily.

We had our first Park Day for the season and there were lots of kids there! Sunny and upper 60's and breezy. Nobody got really sunburned, either. It was gorgeous and the kids all got along. I need to start getting portable snacks again, as well as the juice boxes.

When departure time came, they all cooperatively moseyed back to the minivan toting their respective parcels--Madeleine had my chair and Dale, the water bottles. I had Lou and the diaper bag, after all.
A change in the weekly menu necessitated a trip to Meijer on the way home where all three of them stayed within five feet of me or the cart. I had promised them candy, after all; they knew I meant it.

Nobody argued about watching The Princess Bride when we got home, but Rachel fell asleep during it. Afterward, though, she was quite amenable to taking a walk with Grandma. They were so good that, when Daddy got home and the ice cream truck was coming, I ran outside with $5. I took his coffee mugs and sent him off with the kids.

Lou has started going longer between feedings, freeing me up to get back into my own rhythm. I got the meat loaf made and in the oven while he entertained (was entertained by?) Grandma.

Like I said, those days happen. I wanted documentation so I can remember it.

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At 10:25 PM, Blogger THE MOM WITH BROWNIES said...

Wasn't it just the nicest day?! I'm just so happy it's time to get back outside that I felt like I was flying most of the day.

I, however, did get some sun. It's not itchy though so hopefully it turns to tan quickly. :-)


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