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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where have I been?

In a word: Facebooking. I just started sometime the week before Christmas. When I have the chance to sit at the computer, that is.

Otherwise, I've resumed teaching my kids. And preparing their meals. I squeeze in laundry when they complain they're low on socks.

Another big drain on my time is twenty-one pounds of kamikaze toddler. Lou is determined to kill (or at least maim) himself in some creative way like one of the following.
1. Putting a blanket on his head and walking into walls until brain damage sets in
2. Trying to eat one of his older siblings' toys and choking on it (Lego and Littlest Pet Shops seem to be his favorite flavors)
3. Carrying around Gladys our Christmas Kitten, who still has all of her claws and thus might just disembowel him in an escape attempt
4. Climbing on the kitchen table, with that inherent risk of falling off, and trying to injure himself with something he finds there--like a knife or pencil, or choking on an eraser or some leftover bit of food
5. Contracting some bizarre species-jumping disease from the pets' water dish (yes, he has drunk from it), or the cats' litter box, or the human toilet (no drinking, just splashing and dropping)

I've actually gotten out the Pack-N-Play so I can wash dishes.

I hope to recommence regular posting when this phase is over, which may be just in time for potty training. Wish me luck.

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At 11:03 AM, Blogger Catherine said...

I can just see it! Oh wait, I have seen it recently, except my nephew is 30 lbs, and 110% BOY. So far, he's gotten himself a broken leg (hairline fracture falling down the stairs), a red nose (falling face down walking on the driveway), and a 2nd-degree burn on his arm (those people without household toddlers think the coffee table is for, well, coffee). It's a good thing he's a super-trooper! That's just the stuff he's /successfully/ used to hurt himself.

My kamikaze toddler is growing up so fast, I almost miss that stage. Almost.

At 7:37 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Putting a blanket on his head and walking into walls until brain damage sets in.

Glad to hear my son's not the only one who LOVES this!

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