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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Here's all of us.

The kids are finally asleep. Madeleine got everything she wanted--even the Kit Kittredge movie she forgot to ask Santa for. Dale's first words on his LEGO Swamp Raid set were, "What I always wanted! What I always wanted!" He did insist on getting out the LEGO Harbor set as well as watching Wall-E later. Rachel was agog with the Disney Princess Shimmer Set--seven dolls, including another Sleeping Beauty. Louie loved the squishy trucks, but he's going to need some time for the Bristle Blocks.
We arrived late to Mass because of yesterday's weather--melt, refreeze into tractionless ice. Our very generous neighbor "boy" (he's now 23) pushed us out with his truck. I was reminded of what a gift every Mass is.
I was the last one into the house upon return and I wondered what I smelled when I got into the yard. "Oh, that's our turkey!" If I do say so myself, I outdid myself on it this year and everything was delicious.
It was a merry Christmas.

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Hey! It's a Priceline!


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