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Thursday, November 15, 2007

This isn't really complaining.

Because, God knows, I love the little guy. I still get misty when I think of the circumstances of his conception, I'm thrilled he's healthy, I love feeling him move around, I'm looking forward to meeting him. All that.

While I'm not exactly looking forward to the delivery itself, I AM looking forward to not having to carry him everywhere. Yes, there's the reminder of what Vicki Iovine called the Fourth Trimester, where they're just as dependent and attached but now you have diapers to change too. But it will be nice to let Daddy take care of that sometimes. I'm looking forward to lying on my back and not feeling like a turtle, as well.
My varicose veins haven't been bothering me much recently, but my back is very grateful when I take it easy. The few warmish-for-November days recently where I could get the kids out for a walk have been nice, though I'm waddling along behind them calling, "Mama can't move that fast! Three houses ahead is too far!" I think I'm ready to be done being pregnant this time around.

So when my doc said last week that she'll have us home for Christmas, I could have hugged her. To all those who have said, "Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful to have him on Christmas?" the answer is a resounding NO (add your own rude undertone). That means I'd be in the hospital when I'd much rather be home with my husband, our children, and a roasted turkey. My doc wants to be with her boys, too, not delivering mine. And if you can avoid having a child right on Christmas Day, why not do that much for him? He's going to feel cheated enough being born near it; it seems to be compounding the issue when you could have avoided it.

I'm guessing he'll be born the week before Christmas, somewhere between the 16 and 23, closer to the 16. Place your guesses in the comments.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Dale Price said...

21st. That's a Friday, too, BTW.

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Kasia said...

I'm guessing the 18th, as it's TBS' birthday. (It's also my pick for the First Three Inches of Snow pool at my evening job...)

At 10:48 AM, Blogger The Story Of Us........ said...

The 17th.

My husband was born December 14th.
When we began having birthday parties for our December 8th born sons I started to buy little odds and ends for their birthday. My husband promptly put the little things back on the shelf and let me know that their birthday was going to BE a BIRTHDAY!

Okay then...geeze...

So they get what the others get even though they also GET lost for Christmas too.

He was cheated and felt "less than" his whole life because of his horribly "less than" birthdays and our sons are not going to go through that apparently...thanks to a dad who's been there.

That's our December birthday story...

Thanks for the thought...I'm off to blog it! LOL

At 10:49 AM, Blogger The Story Of Us........ said...

they don't get "lost" for their birthday...

They get "lots" LOL

At 12:13 PM, Blogger Amy said...

I'm guessing December 12.

Good luck and God's blessings to your family! Babies are so exciting.

At 7:49 PM, Blogger Diane said...

I take the 17th also b/c it's our anniversary. Now imagine my mother-in-law objecting to the date and saying "It's going to be hard to get [anniversary/birthday] dinner reservations at that time of year..."


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