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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

He signed the papers.

Next week will be the termination of assistance meeting for Dale in speech. He really doesn't need it any more, and I can admit this. He's a wonderful student, we work with him too, but all of his progress has put him over that fence.
I talked with his teacher, Teri, this afternoon. I've been so used to him needing help. It's been three years, you know? I compared it to being in a wheelchair and now he can walk. Where should those first steps be taken? Or in jail and now he's released; where to first?
I used to worry--actually, I was terrified--he would wander off and not be understood enough to get help. How vulnerable would he be? If he were taken and managed to get loose, how could someone help him?
This morning at Meijer he was understood by the stocklady. He got some R's at speech today. He's starting to read, and Teri realized this too. So we'll be done next week. I don't know if my sighs are heavy or relieved--becoming more of the latter, though.

His teacher and I talked about his development and I told her he wants an aircraft carrier for Christmas. She knew what I meant; her sixteen-year-old wants a car (that child will be disappointed).
You know, dear husband, 31 inches of plastic doesn't sound so bad anymore.



At 2:44 PM, Blogger Barb, sfo said...

Aircraft carriers rock! Little Brother got one last Christmas, inspiring his birthday cake....

He still can't pronounce it, though, and now the whole family calls it an "aff-caff carrier."

Congrats to Dale for "graduating" from speech. That's a big accomplishment!


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