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Monday, November 26, 2007

General update

I'll start with "all is well."

Returned from Neema and Papa's, where the kids were indulged to the fullest. I can't really say "spoiled" because they do have limits, they respect them, and remember their manners. The kids, too.
Madeleine, the early riser among us, was up with Papa in the morning. She really enjoyed the quiet one-on-one time with him and told me so more than once. I know it was a wonderful thing to be half awake and hear their voices from below. It was a nice way to wake up.

One moment of excitement was The Boy 1.0. Friday, he and big sister were planning a running tackle of Papa from the fireplace. He accidentally reached too far behind him and touched the glass, thus leaving blisters the size of pencil erasers on two of his fingers. A quick phone call to the pediatrician and Daddy took him to the local urgent care clinic. They did as I told him they would: clean it off, put some cream on it, wrap it up, and send them on their way with a 'scrip for more cream. He got a Matchbox-sized construction set and lunch at a pizza buffet out of the deal. Of course it had to be his right hand, so he's not the only one looking forward to the doc's check of it tomorrow. Hopefully it's healed enough to forgo the wrapping and he'll be able to dress himself again.

Today was my regularly scheduled OB appointment. Louie is fine. Next week is my usual ultrasound to check his size, the week after that is the last pre-natal appointment. She confirmed she'll have us home for Christmas and she's got us penciled in for induction on the 19 if he doesn't come on his own before that, which is entirely possible. Wednesday is her usual hospital day and we'll be 38 weeks, one day.

Not much else going on, Dear Reader. I just wanted to reassure anyone wondering about birthdays just yet.

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