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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Disappointment doesn't even begin to summarize.

I'll keep the background brief.
In my quest to find wholesome, creative, imagination-inspiring toys (and dolls, for the girls), I've encouraged Madeleine in her fondness for Holly Hobbie, modern version. I admit I started it not knowing a modernization was in the works, but there you go.
So we have a couple of the videos and some of the dolls. When asked, I make that suggestion to those as to what to give for her birthday. I'm planning on more for Christmas--filling in holes and the like.
I'm told at birthday time that Holly Hobbie toys were tougher than the dickens to find and Toys R Us itself didn't have much of a selection. I attribute it to a single location and bad timing and shrug it off. I didn't make any connection with having found a couple of the dolls on clearance at Meijer a few weeks before.

So this weekend I'm doing our regular grocery shopping and I wander past the toy section of a different Meijer. What the heck, I'll see what they have here, I thought.
In the Barbie/Bratz aisle, I find one thing. One single item with Holly Hobbie on it. ONE. I looked and looked some more until my vision blurred. There wasn't even a place on the shelf for any of it. That's a bad sign.
The good news is, I found more stuff. All of it was in the clearance aisle of the toy section with orange tags on the shelves. There was a satisfying amount to choose from, but the fact that it was all on clearance... With no sign in the stores of a comeback, and Christmas looming... I did what any sane parent would do in that situation.

I got one of just about everything they had. Hey, it was on clearance. But how disappointing that something so genuinely good gets knocked aside by the likes of Bratz?

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At 5:11 PM, Blogger Kasia said...

Disappointing, absolutely...but sadly, not surprising.

Think she'd like corn cob dolls like Laura Ingalls Wilder had?

At 8:18 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Laura DID get Charlotte one Christmas. And Madeleine likes the books and TV show (we have the first season on DVD).

She prefers the new HH as toys, though. I tried. She doesn't play with the old-fashioned rag dolls much.


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