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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy New School Year!

Today in Michigan is the day most kids return to school. They are probably wearing new clothes, still itchy from where the tags were. Their new shoes still pinch in an odd spot that will be worn down by next week. Their books, even if not brand-new, will make that gentle "crack" when they open afresh.
Some will open up their new box of crayons. Others will figure out how to put fresh lead in their mechanical pencils. A third group will figure out that "erasable pens" really don't exist, no matter what the advertising says.
Their names will be mispronounced... once. Their teachers will get them right after that. They will reunite with old friends and start to make new ones. They'll learn their teacher's name, the location of the bathroom, pencil sharpener, and office.
They will all have said good-bye to a parent or two at a door, whether school, classroom, or car. I'm sure a few give a kiss goodbye, but not as many as parents want.

Then there are mine. We just plodded on, almost indifferent to the majority activity. Madeleine has done a page of math and one of phonics. Dale did a lesson of reading and asked his daddy this morning for a phonics book. His big sister says it's easy, so he wants to try it.
We scheduled his speech sessions with the teacher and went for a walk around the block. This afternoon, while little sister naps, we'll do some grammar with the big one and he can do some math. We'll hang some laundry and play in the yard later. She'll hide in the tree house or the little house with a book of her own choosing, and he'll dig for worms.
I like being on our own schedule.

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At 11:15 AM, Blogger Catherine said...

Nosiness Alert -

How does Dale's speech therapy work with your plans to homeschool? I get to hear in about a week whether Kasandra "qualifies," and I'm not sure exactly what happens from there. I imagine there will be both individual and group "therapy" for her, and I'm not sure how to handle it when she gets ready for actual "school."

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Heather said...

There is zero conflict between us homeschooling and his speech therapy. He's not old enough for kindergarten yet. :)

Here's the history:
We knew he needed some kind of help before he was 2, so we got in touch with our ISD. Their evaluation came back that everything was normal on him except his articulation. Fine motor, gross motor, mental, physical, emotional--all was normal or better. They didn't have much for him with so "minor" a problem, but it was vindicating to know there WAS one and it wasn't my imagination.
It was also good in that we were able to transition right into our local district when he was 3 without any new evaluations or time lost. That first year we shared time with another little boy with the same thing; last year it stayed 1:1.
Since he's still preschool age, he sees the same therapist as he did then. Should he need therapy next year, he probably would see someone else.

The legal aspect is that our local school district is required to provide us special services if we need them without us having to be full-time enrolled regardless of the child's age. Extracurriculars and electives, though, are not part of that deal. Does that help?

At 1:28 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

Yeah, it does. I really wish Kasandra's issues had showed up that early. She hit all of her two-year milestones. And her problem isn't easy to spot either. I'm still holding out hope that it's just late-bloomeritis. In Missouri a child has to be a full year behind in preschool to "qualify" for whatever the program is. I know that they have to give us therapy, I just don't know how I'm going to work this with kindergarten when we homeschool. I can probably put off the argument for a couple of years, since she's a summer baby and you don't have to enroll officially as anything until a child is seven in MO.

The real stressor here is that I have to wait another week to find out the results of the evaluation. "We have a shortened week with Labor Day and Inservice, so we'll have to go with the next week." Thanks ladies. Ugh. This is after waiting two months after her birthday because of summer break.


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