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Friday, September 07, 2007

Light posting, I know.

We've been trying to start school, the holiday weekend, the last reunion this one, beautiful weather calling us outside... You know the story.
Which doesn't mean I haven't been mulling posts to get your opinion. Here are some questions that have been entertaining me while I wash dishes and wetjet the kitchen.

1. Do I feel like I'm starting over with this motherhood thing because Louis will be back at square one while the others are all fairly self-sufficient? They can all use the toilet and dress themselves on their own (or almost). They can all walk, feed themselves, and sleep through the night.
It's not like I'm turning them back in, though. I get to keep them. Even if I did have to turn them in, I'm a lot wiser than I was six years ago in this motherhood thing. I feel like I'm just continuing down the same path instead of starting over.
I know it will be tough, though. I think that's one of the contributing factors to the prevalence of only two children. "I forgot how hard this is! Trying to take care of a newborn/infant and preschooler! Eek! I can't do this again a third time!" Where if you have them closer together, you're less likely to think of yourself as "done" with any particular phase.

2. Kathy Schaidle had a post or two on the "new catholicism" and, in a word, fashion. It resonated. I can say I have in recent months started to dress more "modestly" with more and longer skirts. I've never really been a follower of the trendy, though. (Those who have known me for years--stop laughing at the understatement.) Is it possible to dress modestly and fashionably? I think so but it's not always easy.
Then summer hit and I'm pregnant. We don't have it in the budget to start over with maternity clothes (which it would be, with getting rid of the shorts, etc). And have you tried looking for modest, fashionable, inexpensive, maternity clothes for summer? Heh. I think it's tougher than trying to find maternity clothes with nursing access. Can you say 'niche market,' Gentle Reader?

3. I haven't put it in the sidebar, but I'm reading Tom Stanton's Ty and the Babe. My father believed Ty Cobb was the greatest player ever, though being born in 1935 he never actually saw him play. He did hate the Yankees, wanting them to finish in last place for 30 years and then go on a losing streak. He raised us with the same ethos.
I'm getting some insight into my dad's belief and can feel him reading over my shoulder. See? That's what makes a good ball player. He wasn't the complete @$$hole he's portrayed as now. I see the fierce competitor, but not the villain.
I'm wondering about Babe Ruth, too. Was he good for baseball? In the short term, he brought in the crowds which meant money. But he changed the game and created the demand which is entirely possible to have brought us the steroid controversy we get to deal with today.

There you go. Children, fashion, sports. Enough variety for all!

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At 9:44 AM, Blogger Catherine said...

Kathy's post has been on my mind too. I'll never be comfortable in a denim jumper, and have never really been into skirts. But now that I have two girls, I know I need to model modesty, and that probably means more skirts. The money isn't there for an update yet, but it will have to move to the front burner soon. I went through my closets and threw out everything that wasn't in good condition, and it filled a trash bag! You can really tell I haven't bought anything for myself in years. I just have absolutely no idea where to start, and even less of an idea how to look "good" while dressing modestly. So few role models in that area. Most women I know dress immodestly or are charter members of the denim jumper set. Argh.

At 3:25 AM, Blogger HISchild said...

It all starts with who you are dressing to please. Next, will it cause my brother to stumble. Finally, if you are a mom, is it practical.

Christopher & Banks has a great selection and their sale racks are awesome!


At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes a great post with many topics!

At 2:11 PM, Anonymous Sarah L. said...

I love skirts, and have been wearing them more than ever this summer, but that's because I can wear them with comfortable (but cute)sandals. Not sure what to do about winter, since I am not all that excited about wearing (and buying, and snagging)a bunch of nylons/tights, and my dressy shoes are not nearly as comfortable as my sandals. We'll see what the budget allows, too.


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