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Friday, September 14, 2007

My apologies...

I got tagged for this some time back and just now am getting to doing it. Last weekend we were relatively offline, visiting the in-laws and attending the last of three reunions (Dale's high school--I think he already posted how many years it's been).

So I didn't see it until Tuesday, and... Whatever. Get to the dirt, right? Here goes.

Where did you meet your husband? We were introduced by one of his fraternity brothers whom I happened to be dating at the time outside of one of the computer labs. The introducer was back after Christmas break to pack up his stuff after flunking out. We broke up by Valentine's Day. One of my wiser dating decisions, that breakup...

What was the first thing you said to your husband? Probably something like "Hello." Remember, my then-boyfriend was right there.

Where was the first kiss? first date? First date actually came first, and that's kind of subjective. We'd been spending time together for about a year while the long-distance relationship I was in finished its death throes. His already had. The first time I wore makeup and actually gave some thought to what I was wearing, we went to a Tigers game. First kiss came probably two months later, on a Sunday afternoon walk at the end of our college's homecoming weekend. We'd climbed a small hill to better see the sunset. And yes, to complete your nausea, it did make me a little wobbly-kneed.

Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement? Well, we courted for two and a half years before he proposed. That seems long (like forever), but I've heard of longer. His grandmother asked to see my hands when she found out. "You've had your fingers crossed for that for so long, I was sure they'd be mangled." The engagement was pretty normal, I think--a year and a half.

Where did you get engaged? Define "engaged." He proposed while we were sitting on the couch of his apartment during the first intermission of a Red Wings playoff game. He missed Don Cherry to pop the question, which is really meaningful to those who don't know hockey. He gave me the ring a number of months later (the jeweler did layaway but not credit) on the beach in Port Austin the day of my sister's first baby shower.

Where did you get married? At the church I grew up attending, where we still go, where all of our kids have been baptized, where my mom chairs the bingo... It's like Cheers sometimes. I have my moments where I'm a traditional kind of girl.

How did the reception go? The food was great, even the videographer seemed to have a good time despite working, and the DJ was forgettable--how he's supposed to be. We knew our families and plied them with hors d'oevres before the main meal--had to have something to absorb the open bar. My uncle thought they were the dinner they were so good. I have to take his word for it. We were off for more pictures.
They're on the video, though.

How was the honeymoon? We were the only guests at the rental cabins on Lake Huron in Port Austin in October. It was wonderful. It got paid for with the cash we'd received in cards at the reception. We left on a Sunday; how were we supposed to put it in the bank?

That was fun. I tag Mama, SFO Mom, and Diane (even though I think I know most of her answers). And apologies if you've already done this one.

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