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Sunday, June 03, 2007

On books

We admittedly are book junkies in this house. They don't have to be leatherbound, gold-tooled, antique ones; paperback is just fine. They just have to be worthwhile to read. Honestly we are such geeks that our idea of a good time is to wander around a good bookstore for a while and then show each other the treasures we have found.
Which we did with some friends last night. We managed to walk out of there with only a half dozen books or so; I could easily have come away with more. My birthday is next month; now I've got a list started for him. We got The Dangerous Book for Boys, which I can't recommend highly enough. If you have a son, or know someone with a son, or are someone's son, you want this book.

While we were there, though, I just wondered. How many of these books here will still be read a year from now, or five, or ten? Sure, some will; the classics will still be wandering along. I hope, anyway. But ten years from now, how many will still be in print? How many will have been utterly forgotten by all but those with royalty checks?

While I'm talking about books, I'll mention the ones I'm reading over there to the right.
Anne of Green Gables: I'm about halfway through. Sure, it's cute. I guess Anne Shirley is likable. I don't understand why it's on Kolbe's middle school literature list, though; I'd put it on the same list as Wilder's Little House series. Maybe a grade or two later. Then again, I don't get Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, either.
Triumph: Dale has nicknamed it Spicoli's History of the Church, after everyone's favorite from Ridgemont High. He's not too far off, but it's giving me a better historical overview than I had before.
I had Agius' Tradition and the Church in there but can't manage to get into it. I've tried at least twice. Maybe in a couple years, but now, I've got other things to do than fight my way through an optional book.

I'll let you know on the others.



At 10:20 AM, Blogger The Mom With Brownies (The story of us) said...

You are the second friend to blog about this book today. It must be a sign. I'll pop over to right now.
Thanks for the info. :-)


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