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Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy birthday, honey.

To the man without whom I would not be the woman, wife, and mother I am today. The one who leads his family not by dictum from on high, but by example. The one who calms me, humors me, understands me even when I don't.
The one who takes our toddler to the potty at 1:00 AM because I nudge him. The one who brings me books to share his interests. The one who doesn't complain if the rug isn't vacuumed or dinner isn't made; instead he says, "Would you like someone else to cook?"
The one who encourages us to homeschool. Who has prowled around protectively like a father lion when I'm nursing our child in public. Who looks at a new outfit of mine I thought he'd like and says, "Yep, it'll look nice against the carpet."
The one who doesn't tell me bad news he hears about children--be they missing, abused, or worse. Instead, he comes in and cuddles each of ours.

I love you, sweetheart. Happy birthday.

PS--Neema, you and Papa did a really good job. Thank you.

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