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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keeping my head above water

I started this Lent with lots of enthusiasm. If that makes sense, that is. I had the schedule I was going to work on, I'd figured out some adaptations for my own household, it was gonna be great. I'd have the house clean(er) and (more) organized come Easter--yay!
Then five visits to the pediatrician in six days; nebulizing ever three, then four, then six hours; four kids going on antibiotics twice daily and two of them with eardrops four times daily; unseasonably warm weather making everyone want to be outside (and thus slack off on chores); so we got behind and haven't caught up.
I'm feeling overwhelmed by STUFF. We have more books than we'll ever read, more movies than we'll ever watch, more toys than they'll ever play with, more clothes than we'll ever wear out... I don't think we'll have more food than we'll ever eat but that's only because we regularly consume quantities of that. Maybe it's because I watched an episode of Hoarders last night but I'm really feeling this glut of abundance that can only happen in First World countries.
Like forgoing vaccinations, by the way. Here in the US, we can debate shots versus ill effects, government conspiracies and autism risks, mercury poisoning and ethical production. In places where children still die from polio, they don't have that luxury.
Back to my original thought, such as it was. I look around my house and think of so many things I want to do, and wish could happen, and even could get rid of and simplify... then the baby cries, or a diaper needs changing or bickering needs refereeing or someone needs help with their school. Repeat ad infinitum until the end of the day when I just want to crawl in bed.
Even on my Kindle where entire collections of classics can be found for free, I still feel that in my head. Carrying it around. Perhaps that's my own little neurosis as they don't take up any physical space.
Purging doesn't take any money, just time and effort. And the motivation to do it.

So today is a fresh morning. Perhaps I will be one bag of donations lighter at the end of it.


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Melanie B said...

I've been feeling the same way, desperate to declutter and get rid of all the STUFF and yet most days I'm doing good to just keep up with the basics. How on earth can I find time for the organizing I want to do? I had such high hopes for Lent and all I managed to do was get rid of some baby clothes to my sister-in-law and one box of books and put one bag of the kids' toys into storage. There are six more boxes of books I'm trying to figure out how to dispose of and those are only the books from the two bookcases I sorted through. There are still at least four more bookcases to go through. And I have so much stuff in the laundry room that needs to go. And then there is my closet.... I tell myself that baby steps are ok but it feels such a small drop in the ocean.

At 1:03 PM, Blogger Melanie B said...

Oh and Happy Easter to you and Dale and the whole Price clan.

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