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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Disappointed but hopeful

So I was supposed to have a baby yesterday. And didn't.

Tuesday we got word that I'm Group Beta Strep positive this time around; I was for Madeleine too, and my doc just treated me for Dale and Rachel. The consequences for that are two doses of IV antibiotics before my water is broken and staying 48 hours after birth to make sure the baby is okay.

Well, before they started the IV, a scan was done on Elizabeth where we got an unpleasant surprise. She'd flipped herself into a breech position, where two weeks before she'd been head-down. I managed not to burst into tears but everyone in the room could tell I was disappointed and upset. The only one who knew I was scared too was my beloved husband.
My OB called and we talked about it. I spent the night at the hospital, got the antibiotics, and we hoped she'd flip back. She didn't so I came back home. Doc would have given me a C if I'd insisted, she might have tried to flip her first, but her opinion was to give Elizabeth a week to turn back on her own. I don't have blood pressure or diabetes issues, Elizabeth has been small throughout, it's my fifth delivery so I have four other kids at home to take care of, I'm only 38 weeks and change. There really wasn't a medically necessitating reason for a Caesarean.
I so wanted to deliver yesterday. My husband in his wisdom pointed out, "We agreed to an induction today. We didn't agree to a c-section today, with all that entails."

So I'm back home, still pregnant. I'm a touch nervous about going into labor before next Wednesday, which is Delivery Day For Sure. If she's flipped, it will be a regular induction. If not, we'll try to flip her but I may well be looking at a c-section. While I admit, I find that scary, I know others who have had one, two, three... even five. At least this way I've got time to prepare myself for it, where Tuesday night is was a dismaying surprise.

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At 11:49 AM, Blogger Melanie B said...

Heather, I understand exactly how you feel. I've dreaded each of my c-sections since the first when Bella was breach and they didn't discover it till after my water had broken and I'd been in labor for hours. But if that is what eventually happens, it'll be ok. It isn't fun; but you know you'll get through it with God's grace and a lot of prayer. Know that I'm praying for you now.

Go, Elizabeth! Turn! Turn! Turn!

At 5:34 PM, Anonymous mer said...

C-Sections rock! You get the spinal, no drugs and only a bikini scar. You deliver and you are up within a couple of hours. No biggy. Stop worrying!!!! :0

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

My third delivery was an unanticipated C-sec. Skylar was presenting face first - which just wasn't going to work. I was surprised by how easy it was. I was scared and disappointed at first. I really thought this would be the delivery that went according to plan. yeah, right, but delivery was a breeze (after hours of "non-productive" labor). The biggest difficulty I had was not being allowed to pick up the 2 year old when I got home. We had rituals that had to come to an abrupt halt. At least you have warning and can prepare the other kids for a mom who will have some limitations for a while. (And they won't make you go through labor AND a section.) And as tempting as it may be to pick him up-just this once, it is better to wait until you heal. I have a friend who ignored the doc's advice and she ripped some internal stitches and had pain for a very long time.

But hopefully a few rounds of jumping jacks will jostle Elizabeth back into position ;)

Best wishes and prayer to you and your family.



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