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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What price education? How's $500 per student sound?

Seriously. And that sounds about right, including enrollment fees.

I worked in a parochial high school where tuition was under $5,ooo/year. Yes, we had a football team but not swimming; indoor pools are expensive and must be maintained year-round.
I worked in public schools where each student brought in roughly $6,600/year. We had all the bells and whistles, and still had book fairs, magazine sales, other fundraisers. And kids still had to provide their own paper, pencils, folders, etc.

This state expenditure and private school tuition has been discussed among us homeschooling moms. "What if *I* got that much money for school? Holy cow, new textbooks every year! We'd have cutting edge everything--software, videos, memberships to all of the nearby attractions..."

And we still do better. Hm. Strange, that.

Tip, La Shaidle.

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