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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Gift

Easter isn't the time we think of gifts. For me, this Easter and last have brought the realization of priceless gifts.
Last year, it was my husband's forgiveness. Perhaps it was him acting as Christ, reminding me of the infinite nature of God's forgiveness. That act, a gift in itself, brought about another gift: our son Louis. A strong, healthy, happy little guy, a brother to our older son, a "bundle of joy."

This year, the gift was different. You see, I haven't been able to attend Mass as often as I have in the past. We've been reluctant to take Lou out in the brutally frigid weather of winter; less than 15 meant we stayed home. Then he had a bout of RSV and we stayed home on doctor's orders. The third reason was the demise of our Venture. Daddy attended alone last week; I read the Gospel to the kids at home.

Because the search for a minivan continues, I was coming to grips with the idea of not attending Easter Mass as a family. I pleaded to rent a minivan for two days but cost put that out of the question. It didn't make sense to my husband to pay $200 for a minivan for two days; he'd rather have that money for one we'd have a lot longer. But then, my husband solved the problem.
My mother has been over more often than usual to allow us to do some vehicle shopping. (It's tough to go minivan shopping without a minivan.) This morning, Grandma had passengers for Mass. She picked up Madeleine and Dale, the two most independent and cooperative. Daddy and I drove with Rachel and Lou and we all sat together as a family. The pink and yellow chrysanthemums, the white lilies, the incense, the music... I forgot how I'd missed Mass.

Then Communion time came. I thought of last year and what a gift that had been; this year I recognized the Gift was Christ Himself. Like every Mass. I just finally noticed it this year.



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A very Happy & Holy Easter!


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