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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have gotten an incredible amount of stuff done today, and I think it's related to the fact that the computer was off. A load of kids' stuff on the line, a shower, lunch made and eaten, the kitchen counter cleaned off (including behind the sink), school done for Madeleine, reading done for Dale, a complete emptying of the sink of dirty dishes, a vacuuming of the living room, two and a half pages of my Bible study (finished the chapter! Woo hoo!), Rachel's clothes put away (we cleaned out her dresser last week)... and the kids only watched Lady and the Tramp (76 minutes).

But here are some links to keep you amused while I try to clean on top of and under our microwave and under the kitchen table (where The Boy frequently wipes his hands).

Children and younger siblings at Catholic Dads

My husband's take on our real estate market

An old bragging point on our kids that I've meant to link for a while--scroll down to the Science Center one.

Now the oven repair guy is here, The Boy is watching him, Madeleine wants to watch Charlotte's Web and Rachel wants me to read Fox in Socks.
Duty calls...

While the spaghetti and sausage boil, here's another. Dawn Eden reports on Planned Barrenhood's take on Harry Potter. Is there enough there for copyright infringement?


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