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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"I've never heard of such a thing!"

Yeah, that's almost never good from an expert. Like when your hairstylist says, "Oops."

Rachel had a loose tooth. Yes, Rachel. The one who won't be three until September. Now, The Boy had one after smacking his mouth on something; I opted for the leave-it-alone approach and it re-seated itself. Fine.
Not so with this one. It kept getting looser, and looser... I thought it coincidental that it was the same one Madeleine lost a little while back. Last Thursday we managed to get her into the dentist, whom she wouldn't let touch her. She let me wiggle the tooth for him, though, while his receptionist pretended to hold his hands behind his back. No, it wasn't discolored; no, we didn't remember any injury.
Being the humble kind of guy he is, knowing well what he doesn't know, he referred us to a pediadontist, with whom we made an appointment for Monday morning. I wisely asked what to do should the tooth come out in the interim. We were advised to keep it just in case.

Thursday afternoon shortly before supper she handed me her tooth. Calmly, no blood or crying. "Woot, Mama. My toof."

We still went in on Monday, where the nurse was fascinated. "The good news is, this looks like a perfectly normal exfoliated tooth. The really odd thing is, she's only two. Are you sure she's two?" The question was in jest. Yes, I'm sure; I was there.
They couldn't get an X-ray Monday because I'm pregnant. Daddy went back this morning to be the one to hold her while they solved the mystery.

Yep. It's an adult tooth pushing its way up. The other is there too, but way far down. All we can do at this point is monitor it.

Two things to bear in mind: Now you can't say you've never heard of such a thing.
And have pity for my husband and son a decade hence. I'll be in my mid-forties, Madeleine will be 15, and Rachel will be 12. Can you say menstrual synchrony, boys and girls? Who'd a thunk it could start just after potty training?

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At 8:33 AM, Blogger The Story Of Us........ said...

Oh my Gosh! That is one for the books. I expect pictures on this blog! :-)


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