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Friday, August 03, 2007

Prayer request

Jennifer F. is in the homeschool group I'm in. She'd due with #6 any time. Technically, she's 35 weeks but is measuring at 42. Her blood pressure, I'm told, is at "stroke level" and she's going in for a non-stress test today.
Her oldest is six. Her doc wants to wait until August 13 to induce, but that is really bad for Jen. Her husband's other coworker is going on vacation on the 15 so he can't be around and her mother must return home that same day. If they wait, she'll be coming home to six children age 6 and under and NO HELP.
Prayers that she goes into labor or her doc changes his mind and induces, so that she can come home and have some help, are what we're looking for. Of course, a healthy delivery as well.

UPDATE: Jen, last I heard, was sent home with lower blood pressure on Friday. But still pregnant. She still has a few weeks--and every little bit helps.



At 8:10 PM, Blogger Amy said...

If her BP is at "stroke level", he should induce - he's putting her, and her baby, at great risk.

I'm praying this all works out. Too bad she doesn't live in the Milwaukee area, or I'd offer to come over and help out...


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