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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Still discombobulated.

When my dad passed away fourteen years ago next month, it was like everything was upside down. It gradually shifted back, mostly, but remains about a quarter inch to the left.
Things haven't gone the full 180 degrees but they're still off. And my concentration is shot. I managed to get lesson planning done Sunday but only with deliberate and labored focus, and I almost forgot her weekly spelling words. Anyway...

Update on the son's surgery: Valentine's Day, sometime in the morning. Currently he is the first on the list (7:30), but if they get a younger child, we'll get bumped to later. We could have done February 5, but I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled. And this way, it's a lot easier to remember. We'll get a call with pre-op instructions, some of which I already know, and have a chance to schedule a tour of the place the week before to make it less scary for all involved. We didn't get that with Madeleine, but at 19 months, I don't know if it would have mattered. That's tonsils, adenoids, possible tubes on Wednesday, Valentine's Day. I'll keep you posted.
I asked his therapist this morning if she thinks he's hearing everything like he should, and without questioning my judgement, explained that he doesn't show any of the red flags for hearing impairment. He makes all of the "plosives" during their sessions, for example. Those are the sounds of /p/, /t/, and /k/--where air "explodes" out. The /k/ especially, as there really isn't anything to see when making it. But she has his attention when they're working, and like I said, he's passed all of his hearing tests. He just doesn't do it in day-to-day speech.

Yesterday was the luncheon for Christina, then we went by the funeral home for Viola Murphy. This morning the kids stayed with Grandma while we went to Mrs. Murphy's funeral.
It was at a former Catholic church. I know there are Protestants--even some Voskovite Catholics--who would have remodeled this place beyond recognition, but these folks hadn't. It still had the windows from when it was (probably) a Franciscan monastery. The left side over where the altar was had those for St. Peter, with the papal tiara and upside-down cross. Opposite was St. Paul with the sword and some lightning for that whole Road to Damascus event. Going to have to do some research on what happened.

And like my beloved said, it's only January but "I'm pretty damn tired of seeing good people buried this year."


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