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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We're keeping the "Mass" in Christmas.

The computer published that title before I could actually post anything. Go figure.

We had a playdate today with one of Madeleine's classmates from preschool. Jack is about a week younger than she is; his mom has long contemplated homeschooling, even. It's just coming to Decision Time and she's feeling the pressure. Dad fully--by my understanding, anyway--supports the idea. She's just worried about being alone or isolated.
I enter...

A while back, we had a tough moment regarding taking the little ones to daily Mass. I was asked why I do it by a longtime parish member and daily Mass regular. Many came out in my support; thanks to all of you.
Since then, he has helped my son zip his coat after and been charitable about sitting near him (the same pew we sit in on Sundays). But we haven't made it since Thanksgiving due to travel for the holiday and illness. The zinger? This past Sunday he told my husband that he missed them during the week. Heh.

Okay. Now I'm ready to publish.

PS--I love Santa. I take my kids to see him for lunch; we get letters from him; we help him out with our parish Giving Tree. So don't be suprised when things like this bring me to tears of innocent memories (check out the Things to Do download!). And things like this make me weep with impotent rage (another reason to homeschool?).


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