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Saturday, December 16, 2006

"Once more into the breach, dear friends..."

We're done with our Christmas shopping, except for each other.

But today after our parish's Lunch with Santa, I'm going grocery shopping.

Prayers appreciated.

UPDATE 12/17/06--I'm relieved nobody felt compelled to start a prayer chain, or at least tell me about it. I went to a regular Cultivator John, not an all-inclusive. They had everything on my list and cheerfully directed me to the things I couldn't find (mushrooms and oyster crackers). I strayed from the list to get a jar of mincemeat (next year, if I like it, I'll try my own) for pie and I still spent less than I have in quite a while. Once I got in line, I waited for about a minute when the next register opened and I got to be second in line. With the exception of milk and the turkey itself, I'm done with shopping for anything except my husband until after Christmas.
I was so happy leaving the store that I had to tell the manager.


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