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Monday, November 27, 2006


We did the Thanksgiving thing at my in-laws. For those new here, I love my in-laws. If I'm around my MIL for any length of time, she will say something off the cuff that, superficially, is just making conversation, but if you think about it, it really comes off as a compliment. Example: "Your kids eating so many vegetables must come from your side of the family, Heather, as it certainly doesn't come from this one!"
The presumption is that eating veggies is a good thing. Superficially, it's just an observation on my kids' diet. If you scratch the surface a bit, it becomes a compliment to how I'm feeding her grandchildren and how my mom fed us growing up. See what I mean?
So, we're up there for a few days. FIL and Dale go sit in their deer blinds on Saturday, and MIL suggests a trip. She knows my feelings about too many battery-operated, designer, trendy, NEW-AND-IMPROVED!! toys. Where does she suggest we go?
The local Amish general store. Yeah.
Madeleine chose a sewing machine. I can't really call it a toy, as I think it really works. Rachel chose a Beanie baby sized lamb, and Dale got a(nother) toy tractor. What are you going to do?

Welcome back. Regular posting will resume.


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