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Thursday, February 17, 2005

On the NHL

By now, everyone who cares knows that the 2004-2005 NHL hockey season has been cancelled. Rather anticlimactic, frankly, and no real surprise to anyone. It did seem that they were getting closer together earlier in the week, though.
Do I feel sorry for the owners? Of course not. I'll leave it at that.
The players? Not really. A few, like Yzerman, who will more than likely miss their farewell-before-retirement tour, sure. But most of them? Eh.

I feel for the little guys. The friend's husband who works concession at JLA, who got laid off for a couple weeks because of no hockey. She works part-time as a bookkeeper, and they ain't rich.

I feel for businesses like Andrew's, a former client of my late father's. He is one of many businesses who runs (ran?) shuttles to and from the games.

What about the guys who had parking lots for the games? Or the guys who sold Red Wings T-shirts from a corner stand? There's some father out there who promised a son a trip to a game this season, or some family who worked extra to afford season tickets for the first time.

But nobody with money is thinking of them. As some cynic once said, "He who has the gold rules."


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