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Friday, August 06, 2004

And the award goes to...

Madeleine's current favorite video is, of all things, our wedding video. It ranks higher than Sesame Street, even. A few years back, Dale got it on DVD for me for Mother's Day (we already had it on VHS, but we could see where the future was going). She actually prefers the mass part (she recognizes the church) to the reception part.
How did she find this out this existed? We have an 8x10 picture up in our living room, from a Polaroid taken right after the wedding (thank you, Mrs. Beth G.). I asked if she wanted to watch it on TV. The talking lamp? Of course, Mom!
It was of course a Catholic wedding, full mass. Despite the responsorial psalm seems to last forever, and the priest (God love him) has a kind of lengthy and meandering homily, the girl won't let me skip parts. She wanders away, sure, but most of the time she's attentive. Even the little guy watches; maybe it's the seeing familiar faces on TV that gets his interest.

As I watch it--for the third (fourth?) time in three days--I'm reminded of how happy I was that day. There are no real embarrassing moments for anyone. The closest I can come is a friend trying to do the splits and about doing a Theisman on the dance floor instead, but his pants remain intact.
I see again how pretty everyone looked: all three of my bridesmaids, my sisters-in-law, everyone. Misty wore a dress, and the only other time I can recall her wearing one is her own wedding (if it weren't for church, I wouldn't be much different). Maria looks stunning, especially considering she got ready in a hotel that morning and was in the first trimester of what I recall being told was a tough pregnancy. The bridesmaids, both mothers, and Maria were all in green, a fact I find kind of funny. My sister would have been, too, but her order didn't arrive in time so she had to borrow one from her (now) mother-in-law.
On tape my dress seems a lot more sparkly and sequined than I recall it being, but that's okay. I'm afraid to show her my dress in its box. I'll have to drag it out on a regular basis, I'm sure, for quite a while.

Madeleine hasn't asked where she was that day yet, but I'm sure it's coming. She's already sure she stayed with Grandma for the honeymoon.


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