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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

She's back, too!

Hooray! It's great to be back.  This is Heather, by the way.  I'll be posting in red; Dale can use whatever color he likes except. It makes it easier to tell us apart (or skip to your favorite).  In the past few months I've had entries wander around in the head only to get eaten by the Great Pregnant Lady's Memory Hole.
The kids are progressing nicely.  Madeleine shows better manners than I do sometimes (she's figured out that "excuse me" not only follows stinkers but also is a nice way to say "get out of my way.")  I consider her potty trained, too; accidents once a week or so tell me she's distracted and delays too long.
The little guy is growing up.  He tries to run but his feet can't keep up with the rest of him and his momentum tips him over.  Most of the time he just gets right back up.  He's trying to keep up with Big Sister.  Given she's not too much of a daredevil, it doesn't cause too many heart palpitations, but he comes up with some stuff on his own.  Like climbing on the love seat, then the window sill, to lean on the screen and watch the world go by.
I close the window.  I just don't trust the screen to restrain 25 pounds of energetic, curious  toddler boy.  He can still see out but it isn't nearly as enticing to climb up.
Rachel is also coming along nicely, though I can't check her development visually yet.  I expect to meet her face to face in a matter of weeks.  She has definite periods of activity and sleep, which I hope will adjust post-utero.
The husband, kids, and home are the center of my world; you didn't really expect me to discuss politics, did you?
That's my first post back.  I'm just delighted to have an outlet again.  Thank you, sweet husband of mine.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Zach said...

Welcome back, Heather!

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