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Monday, August 16, 2004

Random thoughts.

These are some pieces of advice I've picked up or figured out in my almost 3 years of motherhood. I've got an entry on feminism and womanhood incubating, but it'll take more time than I have right now, so these tips will have to do.

1. An hour or so of monitored TV (like a DVD or commercial-free program), so you can do something like shower/dishes/use the toilet unsupervised/put laundry away, is nothing to feel guilty about nor will it probably do irreparable harm.

2. Decoration on the front of little girls' panties helps them get them on frontwards. Fabric paint is great for this, and if you let the little girl concerned suggest the decoration it's even more fun. (Little boys don't have this problem, what with the fly in front and all.) It's also convenient if your little girl develops a fondness for construction equipment--she can wear her backhoe panties, be happy, and nobody else is the wiser.

3. A mesh laundry bag, like the kind for delicates, is wonderful for keeping tiny little socks out of trouble in the washer. I read a blurb from a mom who pins the socks together in pairs, but that means keeping track of safety pins. Frankly, throwing them all into a bag takes less time. You'd have to unpin them to wear them, anyway.

4. Though letting a small child choose their clothes can really provide some fashion accidents, they probably won't be bad enough to go on What Not to Wear.

Does anyone else have survival advice?


At 3:34 PM, Blogger Daisy said...

As a left behind wife (deployed military husband, I don't think I've missed the Rapture), I have a few:

-Exercise is a drug, use it wisely
-Everyone who says you won't really be happy when they start walking never had to carry a child all day and all night long because the baby was teething and Daddy couldn't be there to help.
-Ecological breastfeeding is great, but sometimes circumstances necessitate the baby sleeping through the night. I had to "work" with my baby to get her sleeping through the night, and there were many who thought I was being cruel not just nursing her back to sleep when she woke up ten times in the night. These people obviously haven't had to parent by themselves, or are/have Excellent Sleepers.
-My favorite doctor has a little sign on his door: A mother's best guess is usually better than a doctor's educated diagnosis.

If I think of more, I'll share :).


At 6:28 PM, Blogger Dale said...

Heather says:
I like your doctor.
There was once where the little guy was sick--feverish, clingy, unhappy. I thought it was his ears; if you know his sister's history, you understand.
Doc checked those; they looked great. Rather than dismiss me, he did check his throat. And located the problem--strep.

Another tip I've thought of: Given the quality of toys in McDonald's and Burger King's kids' meals, a year's supply (depending on how often you go) could go a long way as Christmas stocking stuffers.

At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. The small sized clear-pocket, over-the-door shoe holders work great in the car. I put one over the back of the drivers seat and one over the back of the passenger seat in our car with the "shoe" holders facing the back seat. The clear pockets let the kids see whats inside and keep small children entertained for the duration of car rides. Ours holds colored pencils,mini notepads, small bottles of water, sunglasses, McDonald happy meal toys, kleenex and the like. My kids have even designated a "trash" pocket for their used kleenex, etc.

2. Puree (spelling?) fresh fruit and vegetables and pour into icecube trays and freeze. Once frozen, simple put one or two "cubes" into snack sized baggies and keep frozen in the freezer. When needed, place a couple of the "cubes" in a microwave safe dish and zap for a couple of seconds. Very nutritional not to mention handy!

3. In the warmer weathered months, take your kids, some red, green and gold paint and a roll of brown packaging paper outdoors. Roll out the paper and secure at each end with a rock, tape, whatever. Have kids paint their handprints and foot prints all over the paper and then let dry for about an hour (may take as long to clean up kids, but sure is fun!). When dried, roll paper back up and store until December. Makes awesome Holiday gift wrap (and the grandparents will LOVE receiving gifts wrapped in this!!)

4. Cartoons are NOT the anti-Christ. Allowed in small doses, I don't see the harm...

5. Not a cartoon fan? Check out Animal Planet and the History Channel. Don't have cable? Get it. :)


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