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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Decisions, decisions...

Whether to go to bed early, do chores, or blog.
Rachel has detached herself long enough for me to get this much in. I have typed one-handed, but it isn't much fun and takes too long to be worth it.

Motherhood teaches many things: priorities, patience, sacrifice. I've also figured out that some things just aren't meant to be heirlooms. There's a reason pop-up books don't make it into adulthood. Paperback books have a limited life span, usually measured in single-digit years. Never mind that I have inherited my mother's Dr. Spock and it's as old as I am; it's in two pieces and is missing a page or two. It's funnier than Erma Bombeck some days. Candles, as well, aren't supposed to be passed down from generation to generation. Burn the suckers--they aren't appreciating in value! Anything electronic has intrinsic obsolesence, whether battery or solar powered. Even cars, you know.
These things are ephemeral: supposed to be used up, worn out, disposed of, or replaced. Even the Dr. Spock. Ever hear of Dr. Sears? Or Dr. Phil?

Some cookware is supposed to last forever, like cast iron stuff. That skillet Grandma had? Somebody's stuck with it somewhere. Yeah, it's the parrot of the cookware world. Chances are, the heavier and uglier it is, the longer it will last.

I've been thinking of this since I went to a kitchen-item bingo. This company sells cookie sheet liners. Seriously. The big selling point is, you don't want ugly cookie sheets with crud burned and ossified onto them! How unsightly and embarrassing!
Hm. I hadn't much thought about it, having not baked a whole lot of cookies. My cookie sheets are just beginning to look used. I thought it was just me.
However, if everyone's look the same eventually (black in the corners and edges, small patches evenly dispersed over the rest of the surface), what's the big deal? I know my mother-in-law is not going to purse her lips at my cookie sheets in disapproval; hers are probably older and look worse. A neighbor isn't going to whisper over the back fence, "And you should see her cookie sheets! There's burned stuff she didn't get off in the corners!"

So they sell liners to remedy this situation. Um... I think I'll just go buy new cookie sheets, thanks.


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