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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Little Things of my life

I've said before, my life is comprised of little things. This week, we've had some big Little Things.

Madeleine has learned how to ride a two-wheeler. She and Daddy tried on her little purple one but she's gotten too big for it. What to do? I thought of the 20-inch one her brother won this past spring, and they were off. She still needs practice with turns and starting herself, but that should come by next spring. She'll be taller then and able to touch the ground more easily, not to mention Tax Return Time will mean a girl's bike for her. She wants streamers on the handle grips.
And she just learned how to tie her shoes. Yes, it's an almost-archaic skill like cursive writing, especially for girls. My mother had to force me to learn back in the day. Today, though, she's attending her cousin's soccer game and brought out a pair of tie shoes we'd been given.
"Mom, can I wear these?"
"Sure. You know what? They're not going to be here for another 45 minutes. We can try to teach you to tie them."
I went with the easier bunny-ear method and she got it the second try. Now if Dale could get it, we'd be set for tap and church!

What of the others? Louie has found something better than taste-testing Hot Wheels: rolling them on the floor. Or his tray. Or whatever flat surface he can reach.
"Good news and bad news, son."
"What's the good news?"
"You have a little brother."
"What's the bad news?"
"He wants your toys."

Like I said, little things. Bike riding and shoe tying and rolling trucks.



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