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Monday, September 29, 2008

This financial crisis

has me all atwitter. I'm using a British-level understatement; I never have studied economics so this whole thing goes mostly over my head. I just see the effects of surviving the Depression on my mother (she's Silent Generation, not Boomer like most folks my age) and part of me curls up in darkness. My grandmother was worse, I'm told, so I was spared that.
I suppose I should be grateful. My husband has about as secure a job as can be imagined, and it has benefits. My children are healthy for the most part--and what would fall under "unhealthy" can be managed. We have a home with all the modern amenities--electricity, running water, a working furnace. Among my family, that hasn't always been the case. My kids even have dance and swim classes. We have food in the fridge and two working vehicles (knock wood).
While love doesn't fill the stomach, it does fill the heart in ways I can't quantify. Love we have in abundance.

I think of those who don't have all of these advantages--a secure job, health, a home, plus the fringe benefits. We all need prayers.

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