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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yeah, it's been quiet.

We've got Maddie's birthday party coming up and we're doing our darndest to flush the house. I've even incorporated the kids into the task force and I think they get it.

For a first, I'm actually looking forward to hosting this party. In the past I always got wound up hoping my siblings wouldn't cause a scene; this time, it's an all-girl event of friends so that issue isn't applicable. The Birthday Girl even chose a theme: the Wizard of Oz. She's read the Great Illustrated Classic, I'm going to work on her reading the original. She is only turning seven, after all.
Honestly, too, I was worried with homeschooling that my kids wouldn't have enough friends and birthday parties. I'd listened to the wrong sources, I realize now, but it was still there. So who is coming to this?
1. Her cousin Megan was the most important to her. This is the same cousin she spent lots of time with before her brother was born.
2. A friend T. from preschool, who came to her fifth birthday too. This girl was terribly shy and I prompted Madeleine to be nice to her, since her mother and I had been on the same commission at church and were both in the moms' club. Now, T. comes over to where we sit after Mass every Sunday to visit. I don't know how much Madeleine played with her at preschool, but apparently it had an effect.
3. A homeschooling friend, E., who might wear a Dorothy costume. I think that would be great, myself.

I was thinking that five little girls (Rachel's sticking around for this) would be enough--I can handle this. There was another we invited but I think they have a family commitment that day. This afternoon was Park Day and we got talked into going. A family we hadn't seen in a while was there--and there was much rejoicing. As we were packing to leave, though, Madeleine got me. "A. says that Wizard of Oz is one of her favorite movies, so can she come to my party too?"
I thought a moment, mentally calculating guests and plates. "Ellen, Madeleine's birthday is Saturday..."
And yes, that makes six little girls that are going to be over for an afternoon of cake, pizza, Shrinky-Dinks, and ruby slippers. I'm nuts enough to be looking forward to it.

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At 7:06 AM, Blogger THE MOM WITH BROWNIES said...

You are going to have so much wisdom to give to me if/when we ever have girls and/or grand-daughters. Please take notes. :o)


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