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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Less than three months!

Yes, that Christmas craziness is approaching like a freight train. I'm taking it upon myself to offer some survival solutions. Given there's a spectrum of family situations, but most encounter the same kinds of problems, feel free to add your own survival tips in the comments.

1. Use Kmart's layaway. I got this from Kate Gosselin (of Jon and Kate Plus Eight). It spreads out the payments, it's easier to keep within your budget, and the stuff stays out of your house that much longer. What's not to like?

2. Hat and mitten sets are never a bad idea. While Madeleine has actually worn out mittens she kept them so long, Dale has managed to lose them on their very first trip out. I'm told it's a boy thing, and it's astonishing how fast boys do this. By Christmas, with three kids (I'll still be keeping track of Lou's this year), we've usually lost at least one hat and one mitten. By Dale's birthday in February, he's usually managed to lose at least one more, so he gets another set for his birthday that I put aside in late fall. If by some chance I don't do that, I have an ace in the hole. My mother-in-law knows how to knit, God bless her. Trying to find hats and mittens in February is tough, what with the bathing suits and shorts already out.

3. Memberships to local attractions are gifts that keep on giving. How many of us say, "I'd love to go there, but tickets are so expensive!" Like the zoo, local art museum, or science center. Once you're a member, the cost is negligible. Those things take up no space at all, which is a consideration for us, and you'll be grateful all year long. Especially on those nasty winter days where the kids NEED to get out, having somewhere interesting to go where the only cost is parking.

4. Magazine subscriptions for your young readers. They only take up space for a little while and are term-limited. You can cut them up for art projects. They encourage reading without the time commitment of books. I think mine will be getting some this year, for example, Ranger Rick or National Geographic for kids.

Now your turn. What are your tips?

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At 10:19 AM, Blogger HISchild said...

Maybe for a little older kids, gift certificates to book store, department store or restaurant they like so they can pick out their own stuff. Make it a special day for just them with lunch and a shopping spree.


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