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Friday, October 17, 2008

Christmas in October!

You know how usually babies' first Christmas involves lots of blinking and noisemaking with the paper, along with general confusion and a tantrum or two? The whole "unwrapping presents" is completely beyond them, right?
Not so fast.
Lou's getting in his "unwrapping" practice with the three or four dozen rolls of Costco toilet paper in the bathroom.

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At 8:10 AM, Blogger DP said...

Aww, so cute. Any "oops"?

At 8:15 AM, Blogger Heather said...

Not yet. We're doing pretty well at keeping the lid closed.

He's dumped the dog water again, though.

At 8:20 AM, Blogger Peanut Butter Kisses said...

Go, Lou, Go!!


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