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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I love days like today.

Nothing spectacular happened, except everything.

The weather was gorgeous--it hit 80 for the first time this year and nary a cloud in the sky.

Daddy and Dale went to the K of C sponsored Father-Son breakfast at a different parish, where he won a remote-control bulldozer. It IS pretty neat. They then went to Costco to stock us up on our usual loot from there.

The girls and I met Grandma at our usual mass, where Rachel only had one trip to the potty (during the opening hymn) so I was able to stay for mass. She was also content to dance in the pew instead of the aisle during the psalm and collection. Both were involved, but not distracting, with a three-year-old boy in the pew behind us.

Lunch was ham and cheese sandwiches; Rachel likes her ingredients separate, but Maddie and I kept them together. I knew my boys would be sampled-up from their shopping.

I went grocery shopping and, despite not having my driver's license (Rachel had taken it out of my wallet at church), they took my check. The manager made a quick phone call using the number printed on the check and got our machine ("You've almost reached the Prices...") I love that store.

I found the sunblock and nobody fought it. Daddy even put some on when he found his way outside.

Daddy grilled burgers for dinner, then he mowed the grass. [One of my strongest memories from childhood is the smell of fresh-cut grass. My dad had this big ol' John Deere tractor, no bagger, so it was always a project; cut this huge back yard and then rake into piles and hand-bag it. But the sound of that tractor and the smell of the grass meant "Daddy was home" and "weekend."]

So there we were this evening, having eaten a dinner I didn't have to clean up after, pushing my laughing children on the swings, with my husband bringing back happy memories of my youth.

I have some posts brewing, like one on Grandma License or Innocence versus immaturity, but those will have to wait. I just want to fade from the day gently.

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At 1:38 AM, Blogger Mrs Jackie Parkes MJ said...


Do you mind adding my blog?

God bless

At 5:52 AM, Blogger Heather said...

Mrs. Parkes--
I've gotten one request like yours from someone with a sports blog, I think. I don't think he actually read my blog but was just trolling.
Given you and I seem to have something more than English in common, consider it done!


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