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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another day in the life

An intestinal bug has made its way through the children in the past three days; given the first, I expect Rachel to be done with it tomorrow. You don't want me to paint you a picture. Then it will hit the parents simultaneously on the weekend.

Anyway, despite the rain today, we have managed to get our kids outside. Madeleine was on a step, performing one of her extended dance remix versions of Hiawatha versus Beowulf and Rachel managed to rouse herself. She staggered over to her big sister, as Dale put it, "like a drunk looking for the off switch." It was rather funny.

Later, Madeleine managed to come off with a little ditty her father was singing under his breath during her performance: "I gave my love a cherry, that had no stone. I gave my love a chicken..."

At least it wasn't Monty Python, though I expect it from the Boy: "Isn't it awfully great to have a..."


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