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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How do I preserve this?

This morning we got out of the house late for preschool. The clock in the minivan said 8:34 when I started it up; preschool starts at 8:30. Ah, well; losing my temper isn't going to turn back the clock, so why bother?

We are two minutes or a half-mile away from home and The Boy™ starts wailing. It goes like this:

Him: "Little Bob! I want Little Bob!" [his Bob the Builder lovey.]

Me: "It's too late, son. You should have remembered Bob when we were still in the house."

Him, anguished: "I want to go home! Little Bob!"

Me, still calm: "Dale, we're not going back. He'll still be safe at home when we get there for lunch."

Him, louder: "I want Little Bob! Let me out!"

Me, after a deep breath: "We're already late and we're not going back. He's on your bed waiting and he can come to church on Thursday."

Miraculous Madeleine, from the minivan's back row: "Dale, my Charlie is a bear and he's still at home. He'll keep Little Bob safe from monsters. You can sleep with Charlie just for tonight also, if you like."

Him, edging toward calm: "What about Little Bob?"

Madeleine: "You can sleep with them both. It's okay with me if it's okay with Mom."

Yeah. Like I'm going to tell a four-year-old to be stingy with her treasured lovey, the one she's offering out of pure generosity of heart.


At 6:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

joLooks like you guys are doing something right. Besides praising Maddie for her choice, make sure you and Dale pat yourselves on the back, too. xoxox Mer


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