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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My kids are weird.

I made dinner tonight for the five of us: four breaded pork chops, a pound of lima beans, and two cans of green beans. Yeah, it was a no-brainer night instead of gourmet, but the kids wanted to play outside after nap.

What did I manage to scarf down for supper? Between cutting up for kids and an attempt at adult conversation, I got a pork chop. Seriously. We went back outside after supper so Daddy could mow the lawn, and the little guy wanted his own (toy) lawn mower. Apparently he worked up an appetite following Daddy around; when we came in he was finishing off the green beans. Madeleine killed off the lima beans.

Yeah. Did they ask for the few remains of Easter candy? Nope. They fell like locusts on the remains of dinner on the table, devouring all that was green.

Like I said. Weird.


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