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Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm reading this new book...

Colleen Hammond's Dressing With Dignity. Now, mind you, on Sundays to church I've been wearing a dress or skirt--with rare exception, like those in-between months of pregnancy--for some time now, but outside of church has been standard practice: pants.

But I recently went to this convention, where I ran into a fellow Heather and her friend Rebecca. They were both wearing denim jumpers, and I felt a little odd wearing jeans. I wasn't the only one there, but it's that company-you-keep kind of thing. So I asked them about it.

Turns out it was just coincidence; they were both nursing the small child accompanying them, and that's what was both clean and convenient. Okay. I was a touch disappointed; I had some practical questions about the idea of an all-skirt wardrobe and thought they might have some answers.

Then this past week, Heather happens to be at our home parish Mass and passes on DWD as a gift from Rebecca (if you're reading this, by chance, thank you!). I'm checking websites for clothes, and realize it's not as impractical as I'd first thought as far as buying them. But then come the living-it-out questions, like:

1. Is denim ever appropriate for church, like daily Mass or Holy Days of Obligation during the week?
2. Do you ever wear socks under the skirts? What about shaving, or with hosiery? I just ain't got it in me to pull on tights every day, and if I had time to shave, I'd have time for tights.
3. What about shoes? If you convert to an all-skirt wardrobe, do your shoes change too?
4. What about girl children, and such things as playgrounds and monkey bars? Is it more practical to go the Muslim route and wait until menarche? What about sports, especially swimming? I don't mean just lessons; I mean those with team uniforms.

It makes sense to just not replace worn out pants and buy skirts instead, or let your daughter outgrow the pants she's got, but answers before we start the process would be helpful.

Incidentally, Madeleine has already ingrained the dress-to-church concept. This Monday I took her to daily Mass and she insisted on wearing a dress even though I was in jeans. I justified myself with the St. Joseph's Clothes argument, but when your four year old shows you up, it gives you pause for thought.


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Peony Moss said...

For the little girs on the monkey bars question: Here in Maryland there is a woman who has a small home business sewing little cover-ups for girls to wear under their dresses. They're like bicycle shorts but cuter -- I think she makes them in colors that complement the local schools' uniforms.

At 4:39 PM, Blogger Dale said...

Thanks, Peony. I wonder if there's anything like that here in Michigan.

At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Sheryl D. said...

When my 2 girls were younger, I used a pair of their pajama bottoms as a rough pattern to make some cotton & flannel (for winter) "bloomers" they could wear under their skirts for playing. They had an elastic waist and loose elastic around the knees. Some of them had eyelet trim at the bottom and some were just plain & utilitarian.

This is a link to a (non-Catholic) family business selling beautful feminine clothes for girls & women.

At 1:28 PM, Anonymous melanie b said...

When I was in Catholic school and we wore jumpers and then skirts to school it was de rigeur to wear shorts under your skirt. Of course the skirts were dark colored and cut so that you couldn't tell the shorts were there. For the longest time I felt almost naked wearing a skirt without shorts on under it.


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