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Friday, October 31, 2008

A budding toddler keeps you busy.

And water is wet.

Louie is walking more and more. Which means he gets in to more and more trouble, faster.

For example, there's this little room in our house with a big, cool white thing. Cool both ways: temperature and interest. It's even got water in it that he can reach and splash in! Yes, folks, he's discovered the toilet.
We try to keep the lid down as he hasn't figured out yet how to open it. That'll be next week.

He hasn't developed the same fascination with sampling the dog food that his older siblings had, which is sort of a relief. I think it's because the dog eats all of her food before anyone has a chance to play with it. Instead, he his hobby is to bang her empty bowl on the floor. It's stainless steel so he won't break it.
Or, more likely, head over to the cat's litter box. It's like a magnet.

I can't wait until he's got the hang of walking. Really. If I do wait, he'll be ahead of me by a mile.



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