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Thursday, July 31, 2008

They grow so fast.

No, this isn't going to be one of those syrupy baby posts.
You see, I was looking forward to that brief time where Lou could sit up, play with some toys, and stay where I put him. Instead, he figured out sitting up and crawling in the same week. Come to think of it, he was combat-crawling around on his belly before he could get up on all fours. There went that brief time of respite.
Now, at just over seven months old, he's pulling himself up to standing on anything still enough to support him that long--the love seat, the kitchen chairs, the dog's cage, my pants, the dog... Madeleine didn't crawl until she was nine months old, Dale later than that, Rachel didn't crawl much but scooted. Seems Lou isn't interested, either. Four legs good, two legs better...
Maybe he'll potty train early too.

Nursing him has gotten to be an adventure. I no longer have so much a nursing baby as a wrestling opponent who thinks he's got Capri Sun juice pouches instead of Mama. One can only explain "Squeezing like that won't help" so many times before one realizes... he's seven months old. He doesn't understand.
And someday he'll get teeth, I'm sure. He's been gnawing on anything he can get to his mouth for months (current favorite, a clean damp washcloth), so they're there somewhere. I'll keep you posted on that.

The others still adore him and he them. His benevolent smiles are widespread and they all have their tricks to get them. There is just something sweetly ironic about a six-year-old remarking, "They grow up so fast!"

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