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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whew! That week was a doozy.

Do you want to hear about it? Nothing traumatic happened, it just was really busy.

It started somewhere around July 17, actually. The dog was having digestive troubles. I thought it was the treats but it didn't resolve itself. Friday night, the 18, she didn't finish all of her food--very unlike her.
Saturday, July 19--Daddy and Dale take the dog to the vet's while I take Madeleine, Rachel, and Louie out to the dance studio. Madeleine's routine had been selected to perform in a local festival and the rehearsal was the day before.
That afternoon, we went to Mass because we had plans for Sunday.

Sunday, July 20--We all went to see Kitt Kittredge for the matinee, where we all got in for $4. Had lunch and home and then took off to the aforementioned festival for Madeleine's dance.

Monday, July 21--I got to load up the troops and take Lucy the Wonderdumb for a recheck at the vet's. Whatever oddity she had eaten had been blown out by the high-fiber dog food, as we saw in the second set of X-rays.
I was going to take them all grocery shopping (yes, I've done it before) but before I had completely summoned the energy, my mother landed on the doorstep by surprise. She watched the troops while I made a strafing run to the grocery store alone.
At bedtime, Madeleine complained of an earache. Ibuprofen and a mental note to call the doc's in the morning.

Tuesday, July 22--Playdate for (mostly) Madeleine. First time at the other house, so we all stuck around. The other mom and I are friends, too, so hanging out chatting with her wasn't a bad thing at all.
That afternoon, it's to the doc for an amoxycillin prescription.

Wednesday, July 23--Our first orthodontist appointment! Seems Madeleine has some crowding that our regular dentist recommended a specialist check out. We're taking a wait-and-see approach until more of her adult teeth come in. He doesn't charge anything until treatment actually starts, which is nice to the checkbook.
Then, crazy woman that I am, we went to Park Day.

Thursday July 24--Finally, nothing during the day. The chair of our parish moms' group called that evening, though, to see if I was going to make the meeting. Since Daddy heard the message, he did what all loving husbands do when their wife has been running like a rat in a trap all week: he threw me out, tossed the car keys through a window, and told me, "Don't come back before ten."
Okay, it wasn't quite that obvious, but it's close.

Friday, July 25--We attended Daddy's work picnic at a metro park. There was a lake and waterpark so bathing suits were involved. At least there was plenty of food there so I got out of fixing dinner.
Oh, and we cleaned out our "corral." It's part of our yard completely surrounded by privacy fence. Without a garage, that's where our bikes, snowblower, and other stuff are kept. We're going to ask the guys who are repairing the sidewalks around here to pour in there as well.

Saturday, July 26--This was exciting. A local Catholic media station was having open auditions for a new show, called The Other View. Yes, it's what it sounds like--an answer to Barbara et al. I was one of 22 trying out for five spots; we'll find out on Tuesday about callbacks. Heather was trying out too, so keep us in your prayers.
Former neighbor Joe came over while I was gone and he and Dale put in the forms to finish the job for the concrete. All of the kids were home--I'd managed to put enough milk in the freezer that Daddy even kept Lou while I was at the audition.

Today, July 27, Daddy let me sleep in. We met a friend of his over in Ontario (with the kids) for a debate and lunch, then went to Mass after dinner.

Are you exhausted? I'm tired just typing it. I have nothing planned this week. Zip, zilch, nada. Finally.

Well, tomorrow I'll go grocery shopping with four children under seven. But now, it's old hat.

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At 6:09 AM, Blogger HISchild said...

Wow! And to think I would be one of the little people who knew you when . . .

It certainly sounds like most of my summer too!

Let us know how the auditions turned out!



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