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Monday, February 04, 2008


It's been a while since Shelly and I had a chance to just chat about whatever and follow all of the tangents our trains of thought run to. I've kind of missed that.
Apparently, someone else thought I needed that, too.

Today is Monday--dance class. It's a 35-minute ride up a seven-lane thoroughfare and I like to have that allowance since I don't like to rush. I was feeling so proud of myself getting out the door. Dinner had been in the crock pot since midmorning. I'd loaded the third bag of donations into the minivan earlier and would stop at the St. Vincent de Paul store on the way home. Madeleine was changed for ballet, Dale had put on sweats (he takes tap), Rachel was ready. I'd remembered the pretzels left from yesterday's snacks for the ride up. I'd even showered. Lou was fed and grumping in his car seat, impatient for the motion to lull him to sleep. The dog was in her cage and she even had water.
As we're loading up, I check for my keys. Not in my pockets. Not in my purse. Not in the diaper bag.


They were still hanging on the hook where I'd put them. Inside the house. I'd noticed that as I was buttoning my coat. "You'll have to grab your keys, since they're hanging up."
I tried calling Dear Husband, who given his schedule at work lately would not be able to rescue me. I could not get in touch with my mother--the other person with a spare key.
Merciful Heaven, Shelly was home. Where else could I go?
So go we did. She was having a crazy day and having a seven-week-old infant to cuddle helped her relax. Not having that infant demanding my attention relaxed me. We got to chat about this CVS money saving deals and the value of quiet time for kids (and parents). The kids being able to play was a treat for them. Madeleine even turned down the offer of their van for transport so as to stay and play. Oh, and a certain little boy got to meet his newest neighbor.

And you know, I think I needed the visit more than anyone needed dance class.

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At 7:33 AM, Blogger Shelly said...

I second that. :-)

Having the camera right at hand to catch that moment on the chair was priceless.


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