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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Deliberate ignorance beyond ridiculous

Here are a couple of hypothetical situations. Okay, they're more caricatures, but that's because they're supposed to be over the top.

Jacob Isaac Steinberg, wearing a yarmulke and a long dark beard, carrying a Torah, protesting in front of a butcher shop that sells ham. He departs around dusk on Friday for his walk home, muttering about his chutzpah and mother's matza balls.

Mary-Elizabeth Shanahan, with her six children under nine (Anthony, Joseph, Moira, Kathleen, Patrick, and Sean) in tow, arrested in front of an abortion clinic for disturbing the peace. A rosary is found in her pocket when she arrives at the police station.

Does a newspaper really need to tell you the religious background of these imaginary individuals? Is there anyone reading this without a clue?

But the New York Post has to brazenly demonstrate its ignorance in the conclusion of this little blurb. Is it dhimmitude or stupidity?



At 3:43 PM, Blogger Kasia said...

I'm pretty sure it's CYA. If you don't have it from a source, irrespective of how glaringly obvious it is, you aren't supposed to print it.

Still stupid, but I think that's the rationale.


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