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Saturday, October 13, 2007

At the library

All of us, even Daddy, went to the library today.

Now, I'm of two minds when it comes to the library. It's a wealth of free resources for myself and the kids, for out-of-print books, and others the kids won't mind giving back. They have books and videos on every topic: history, fiction, geography, science, there are even math texts. It's a money- and space-saver.
Unless you don't get the books and videos back on time. I had a fine this summer of over $25, and today we forked over $7. What keeps me from flinching too much is 1) the money stays in the library system, and 2) the very kind librarian renewed the book on mosquitoes that Rachel insisted on getting last time and Madeleine had forgotten to replace in the backpack.
I could say "I pay my taxes, that's enough to support the library!" But it's also a nice teachable moment of justice and responsibility.
I personally don't like giving books back. I think the kids have that, too, since we've renewed as often as checking out afresh. Whatever, I guess; we don't have a limit around here. [Question to other parents: do you limit how many books your kids can take out of the library? Is age a good number?]

But today, we got out books on castles, the Middle Ages, water (Rachel's pick), motorcycles, Winston Churchill, boats, renewed two on ballet, and Elizabeth I. The only one for me is the Elizabeth, and Daddy didn't get any. And those are the ones I can think of without actually going in their room to see. Madeleine checked out on her own card The Hobbit (VHS), Halloween is Grinch Night (VHS), a book on Louis Braille, another on Mount Rushmore, The Black Stallion, and three or four other fiction books.
One of the librarians believes that kids should have their own cards as soon as they can write their name. Why not?

I looked at some on homeschooling. I decided against them since I feel like I have a grip on it. For now. No book is going to help me with the questions I have. [If Madeleine is mostly in first grade, but has some second grade subjects, should I give a grade for the second grade subjects or wait until she's 7? And what's a fair workload for Dale? He'd be in preschool if we weren't homeschooling. If he's already telling me the letter sounds (thanks, Shelly), starting to read, and halfway through the kindergarten math book, is three pages four times a week fair? Four pages, thrice? How much with math, how much with phonics? Or is a time limit in the seat better? I won't find those answers in a book.]

So. That was our family adventure today. And Madeleine even found the mosquito book on Dale's bunk after we got home.

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